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Amplify Exchange is a concept that was borne out of the original Substratum product suite. Three separate products that stand on their own as functional powerhouses within their own sphere of influence but when combined become a symbiotic software suite that solve the basic needs of each of our digital lives. The ability to Connect, Earn, and Spend.

These three basic needs that we all have in our digital lives are disrupted by digital borders raised by companies and corporations across the world today.


The history of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space is a short one but Substratum has already proven itself a leader in the space.

Setting out in July 2017 with a goal of decentralizing the foundation of the internet with our core product SubstratumNode we have continued to lead in this space and are currently on our 4th public beta version of SubstratumNode which introduced true decentralization and we are on pace to deliver our very first production version of SubstratumNode very soon.

SubstratumNode opens the web back up to be one single whole hybrid web, a blend between centralized hosted sites and decentralized hosted sites this product ensures that all people everywhere have access to the same information, the same access to connect with the rest of the world and engage.


In 2017 we revealed part of our larger vision when we announced CryptoPay. The first application to be built in concert with the core SubstratumNode product takes the next step in the equation and allows people to Spend their digital assets.

CryptoPay is a digital crypto payment gateway to allow online vendors to be paid in the currency of their choosing while allowing online shoppers to pay with the currency of their choosing.

Crypto to crypto transactions would only be part of the solution needed to deliver a truly game changing product to the world in the form of CryptoPay and our focus groups overwhelmingly confirmed that thought. To cut down on the volatility which may be advantageous to traders but prove to be too speculative for vendors CryptoPay would need to offer an immediate crypto to fiat resolution method that has not existed until now and since there are no third party tools that enable crypto to fiat resolution the time for the third product in the product suite had arrived.

Earn & Grow.

The third main need that people have in their digital lives is a way to see their financial portfolio grow.

Cryptocurrency has offered a new and exciting asset class for today’s traders and indeed provided a glimpse into the future of money; however, there are many shortcomings with cryptocurrency exchanges today.

Enter Amplify Exchange.

Two Approaches:

Today there are two main technological approaches to how cryptocurrency exchanges are handled: Distributed and Decentralized

Approach 1:
Distributed Exchanges

Distributed Exchanges make up the majority of the space and their approach is a single access point web-site through a URL within your browser. All funds are deposited into a wallet or small series of wallets which are fully owned and controlled by the cryptocurrency exchange. Similar to the way your banking account makes up a small part of what is held within that bank your cryptocurrency trading account makes up a small amount of what is held on that exchange. The record of what piece of the larger wallet you have ownership of is held most likely within some form of relational database which interacts with the web-site upon your login.

The benefits of this approach are the reduction of transaction fees since only deposits and withdrawals occur “on chain” when you execute a trade no coins or tokens physical move from one wallet to another so the process is also fast; however, this single access point approach is subject to having access blocked by governments or corporations and also very subject to attack resulting in loss of access or worse loss of funds. In 2018 almost 200 exchanges were blocked by the Chinese government and $731M worth of digital assets were stolen from exchanges in 2018 also.

Approach 2:
Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized Exchanges are the alternative approach and offer a wider area of availability because they operate in a decentralized manner through a series of nodes.

In this approach all transactions occur “on chain” so deposits, withdrawals, and even trades are subject to long wait times due to the confirmations needed to successfully complete a transaction and much higher transaction fees as each and every transaction is subject to gas and transaction fees.

The Solution:Amplify Exchange

Amplify Exchange is developing a new best in breed solution utilizing a proprietary blockchain solution which we call the Amplify Bridgechain. The bridgechain bridges the divide between distributed and decentralized exchanges by bringing the best of both approaches into a single hybrid approach.

The Amplify Bridgechain will serve as a blockchain based digital ledger that will mirror everything that happens within Amplify Distributed to allow decentralized clients to have access to the same trade volume, transact in a fast, secure and cost effective way and still have access anywhere on the planet.

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