About Us

Meet the Team

Justin Tabb - Founder & CEO

Justin has a history long rooted in industry leading technology from his history providing software development services for large companies like Apple, HP, Disney, Facebook, the NBA and many more to conceptualizing the foundation for the Decentralized Web through Substratum. Substratum was born July 2017 and rapidly became a leader in the cryptocurrency world. Maintaining a standing within the top 100 cryptocurrencies of the world for most of the previous year and consistently delivering software releases within that space this proven leader set out to revolutionize the next step in the plan by creating the perfect decentralized exchange to work within the Substratum Ecosystem of products.

Substratum Team Members

The Substratum Development team will be driving the development oversight of the Amplify Exchange.

  • Abram Cookson
  • BJ Allmon
  • Steve Swing
  • Dan Wiebe
  • Kevin Wood
  • Jon Dyer
  • Jason Duffy
  • Justin Finley
  • Justin Hohman
  • Matthew Peterson
  • Kristen Smith
  • Victor Hall
  • Bryce Hall
  • Michael Miller
  • Christian Pope
  • Jenn Caeton
  • Cheryl Staley

Additional Team Members

Amplify will also be scaling the development, marketing, trading, and support teams upon successful completion of the ICO.

Officers & Directors
(pending ICO completion)

David Weil

David spent 25 years as a member of the executive teams for several Fintech companies. Three of those companies successfully IPO-ed on the NASDAQ and one on the Nouveau marché (Paris). In 2007 he started a consulting company which assisted startup and early stage companies with corporate road mapping, revenue and marketing strategies, and financial modeling. In the beginning of 2017 David agreed to start accepting Cryptocurrency clients. His belief is that this is a viable market but needs professional, institutional grade Fintech experts to help the existing dire need of this industry to evolve. During his tenure working with these clients he has become proficient in ICO issuance (including international legislature in “crypto friendly” sovereign nations), ICO economic structure, and execution. Also as importantly, the post ICO execution of white paper objectives. With his combined background in Banking, Finance, Technology, and Fundraising, he brings a unique skill set into a hungry maturing market.

Warren Lorenz
Managing Director - Trading Strategies & Operations
Warren began his career as a licensed Investment Advisor. With a passion developed while earning his degree in engineering, Warren quickly realized he had to merge his two passions of finance and technology. Warren went on to found TechMeetsTrader, a company focused on enhancing intelligent trading decisions. As a consultant, he has worked with multiple family offices, hedge funds, and proprietary trading offices. Warren has built automated trade systems, indicator suites, and complex trading strategies for Stocks, Options, Futures, and Cryptocurrency markets.