Product Suite

Introducing Amplify Exchange

Amplify is the first cryptocurrency exchange of its kind and offers tools for everyone, from the cryptocurrency novice to the seasoned professional. Our team will take a two-pronged approach for enhancing the user experience.


New Crypto Trader Approach

The first approach will be targeted towards the inexperienced token holder. This environment will offer basic portfolio management tools, graphs, as well as a comfortable interface to transact both in crypto and fiat.


Experienced Trader Approach

The second approach, aims to service more experienced market participants via our exchange interface. For those who are looking to actively trade the markets, this environment is ideal. Here, Amplify will provide institutional grade trading tools, API’s, portfolio management evaluations, and much more. This includes charting capabilities, indicator suites, basic order routing, and market depth. Amplify intends to expand upon the charting grids, scripting terminal, and advanced order routing.


Amplify Integration
with CryptoPay

CryptoPay is an application that allows people to pay for goods and services with any cryptocurrency accepted by a merchant. Merchants can choose to get paid in the cryptocurrency or fiat currency of their choice. One of Amplify's strengths is that it allows for us to serve up a consumer's portfolio where they need it. CryptoPay takes advantage of this as one of the first Amplify clients for the portfolio API and set of services.

A CryptoPay user will establish a new Amplify portfolio during CryptoPay registration that will enable them to not only buy goods and services from any of their cryptocurrencies but also buy cryptocurrency directly to add to their CryptoPay account. This is just another step revolutionizing the way people manage or interact with their portfolio. Once setup this is a completely seamless process. Tokens and Coins that are available on Amplify are automatically available for goods and services purchase through CryptoPay. There is no additional setup ever and users will always have immediate access to their funds through this direct integration.


Amplify Integration
with SubstratumNode

SubstratumNode allows users all over the world to have full access to the Internet. Amplify will utilize the Substratum Network for unobstructed decentralization of exchange transactions. Amplify will also be the chosen exchange for monetizing the Substratum Network. With SubstratumNode configured to perform routing and consensus work for the Amplify Exchange a SubstratumNode user can choose to earn AMPX alongside of SUB.

SubstratumNode users are rewarded in SUB for the standard work it performs. SubstratumNode's standard work is best defined as handling the clandestine routing requests (CORES packages) for uncensored decentralization.

How to earn AMPX

Exchanges typically allow users to purchase and utilize their signature token as a utility for reducing trading fees. Amplify not only supports this approach but has taken it a step further by allowing people to earn AMPX tokens. People can earn AMPX tokens by helping to verify Amplify transactions while also fighting censorship with SubstratumNode. Earning tokens that can be used for covering trading fees is huge and has never been done before! Amplify account holders simply need to use the SubstratumNode to serve up Amplify Exchange requests for the Substratum Network. This should greatly benefit the earning capability and the growth potential for the Substratum Network while decreasing the overall cost of fees related to using cryptocurrency.